Research Events

Dr. K. Priyani Padmashika Peiris (Senior Lecturer Grade I)

Department of Shalya Shalakya(Surgery  & E.N.T)

Research Articles

1. Sri Lankan traditional medicine and ayurveda intervention in the management of Oral sub mucus fibrosis: A case series.

2. Evaluation of the anti bacterial activity of Kalaka Choorna

At the 2nd International conference on Shalakya Tantra
Nadiad Ayurveda College, India on 3rd -4th September 2016

01. Dr. K.M. Chandimal (Senior Lecturer Grade II)

Reconstruction of the age, gender, stature and way of life of prehistoric human skeleton displayed at National Museum, Colombo Srilanka.

02. Mrs. W.C.M. Fernando (Lecturer Probationary)

Relevance of Kabir's reveling poetries of caste system to modern Indian Society

At the The SASA 10th Anniversary Conference
TERI University,Plot No.10 Institutional Area, Vasant Kunj,New Delhi on 18 March-20 March 2016.

01. Dr.H.P.Wakkumbura (Senior Lecturer Grade II)

A Clinical study on the role of "Maduyastayadaa Choorna" in the management of pain related to Endometriosis

02. Dr. W.A.R.P. Weerasinghe(Lecturer  -Probationary)

Critical study on pediatric nutritional defects caused by garbhanī dhātrī (pregnant wet-nurse) with special reference to kāshyapa samhitā in ayurveda.

03. Dr. W.A.R.P. Weerasinghe(Lecturer  -Probationary)

The clinical study to evaluate the overall efficacy of shōdana karma for teratospermia by using vāsadī decoction

At the Third Global Ayurveda Festival (GAF 2016) on “Women’s Health”-Swapna Nagari, Kozhikode, Kerala on 31 January-03 February 2016.

01. Dr.(Ms.)K.P.P.Peiris (Senior Lecturer Grade I)

Effect of An Indigenous Shampoo On Darunaka -A Clinical Study

02. Dr.(Ms.)B.S.R.Perera (Lecturer Probationary)

Local Effect of Nirgundyadi Karna Dhupana on Puti Karna - A preliminary Study

03. Dr. K.K.I. Eranga Karandugoda (Lecturer (Probationary)

Rationale behind application of medicinal pastes on hallux when treating eye diseases in Sri Lankan Traditional System of Medicine

At the Shalakya Manthana 2015 International Conference on 25- 29 November 2015, KLE University’s Shri.B.M.K. Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Post Graduate Studies & Research Centre Shahapur, BELAGAVI – 590 003. Karnataka, INDIA.

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