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Welcome to the General Administration Division

The General Administration Division is one of the key divisions of the Institute. The division provides timely important active services to the staff and students to achieve the vision of the Institute. The division is located on the first floor of the A18 building. The location of the division enables easy access to staff and students. The main goal of the General Administrative Division is to provide an efficient service to the institute while complying with the Ordinance of the Gampaha Wickramarachi Ayurveda Institute, University Act, Establishment Code, Circulars issued by the University Grants Commission and the General Treasury, Instructions issued by the Line Ministry, the Board of Management, Procurement Guideline and Manuals.

This division consists of the following six main sections based on the functions carried out by each section.

  1. Academic Establishment section
  2. Non-Academic Establishment Section
  3. General Administration Section
  4. Capital Works Section
  5. Maintenance section
  6. Landscape section
Academic Establishment Section

Due to the rising competition between higher educational institutions, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of enhancing service quality to ensure the institution's continuous survival and success in the competitive market. However, providing precise and adequate services to the customers from various backgrounds in the stakeholders became a great challenge to the higher educational institution we as the Academic Establishments section is here to take the challenge of providing qualified academic staff to face the said competition.

Currently, we maintain Five Academic designations with 36 permanent academic positions, 4 Academic support positions, and 21 temporary positions to accelerate the teaching, clinical and research process of the institute.

This section is handling the following matters to facilitate in providing human resources for academic teaching and academic support purposes.

  • Advertising and recruiting qualified applicants for the Academic, Academic support staff and Temporary academic staff positions
  • Handling all the personal les of Academic staff, Academic support staff and Temporary academic staff of the institute
  • Handling all the matters related to the confirmations, annual increments, promotions, study leave, overseas leaves, sabbatical leave, research grants, course fees, vehicle permits, long services awards, retirement's benefits of academic staff
  • Salary Revisions of Academic Staff, Academic Support Staff, and Temporary Academic Staff
  • Manage the approved academic and academic support cadre and Update cadre information
  • Providing training and development opportunities
  • Issuing appointment letters to Heads of the Departments, various subcommittee members, service letters and Confidential letters

In addition to that this section is handling all the matters related to the personal files of Administrative and Finance cadre positions of the institute. Currently, we have 3 Administrative positions with Deputy Registrar, Senior Assistant Registrar, Assistant Registrar and 2 Finance positions with Deputy Bursar and Assistant Bursar.

Administrative Staff of the Administration Division
<h4><b>Mrs. D.M.R.S. Dasanayaka</b></h4>

Mrs. D.M.R.S. Dasanayaka

Deputy Registrar

Dip. in English(CMB)
<h4><b>Mrs. J.T.M. Jayasinghe</b></h4>

Mrs. J.T.M. Jayasinghe

Assistant Registrar

B.Sc. in ATM (PDN),M.Sc. in FST (PDN),
Non Academic Staff of the Administration Division
Academic Establishment

Mrs. G.L.I.D. De Silva
Staff Management Assistant


Mrs. S.S. Mahalekam
Management Assistant (Grade III)

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