Student Affairs

1.1          Facilities provided for the students  

  1. Administering and maintaining the student hostels and canteens.
  2. Dealing with matters related to calling in applications for the hostels, selection of the hostellers and providing accommodation.
  3. Providing financial assistance and scholarships.
  4. Issuing train season tickets.
  5. Facilitating the activities organized by students such as meetings with guest speakers, seminars, dramas, films, etc.
  6. Coordinating funds of the student organizations. 

1.2          Scholarships

1.2.1      Mahapola Scholarships

Students who are eligible for Mahapola scholarship will receive a monthly installment approved by the Mahapola Trust Fund. Students receive 10 installments within an academic year. 

1.2.2      Bursaries

The applications are called by the Student Welfare Division for the selection of suitable students for Bursaries. An approved monthly stipend is paid to the eligible students. The students who are not entitled to receive Mahapola or other scholarships are eligible to apply for a bursary.

1.2.3      Piyasili Wickramarachchi Jayasekera Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Dr. G.P. Wickramarachchi the founder of Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute, by his daughter Mrs. Piyasili Wickramarachchi Jayasekera. This is awarded to a talented Level I student of the Institute who needs financial assistance. 

Note:     The Director of the Institute can suspend a scholarship or award temporarily or permanently in the following instances.

  1. Inadequate attendance on lectures tutorials or practical.
  2. Disorderly behavior inside or outside the University premises.
  3. Award of another scholarship
  4. Non-registration for the academic year
  5. Obtaining employment (If a scholarship holder obtains an employment after registration to the University, it should be reported to the student affairs division)

Presentation of a valid university identity card is essential in claiming payments made under any form of financial assistance. The student affairs division should be notified immediately if a student ID is lost.


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