Watupitiwala Herbal Garden

The Herbal Garden of GWAI, which is of approximately 6 acres, is located in Watupitiwala in Attanagalla Divisional Secretariat in the Gampaha district, adjacent to Yakadawala forest reserve . Its geo-ecological location provides environmental conditions optimum for many plant species. Many of the plants found are the ones adapted to the local ecological conditions. It can be considered as a specific ecosystem which provides sanctuary for sustaining a cluster of indigenous flora and fauna.


To maintain a herbal garden with a large collection of herbs that would enable the study of herbs in its natural environment and to promote, sustainable conservation and plant base research. 

Main Functions

• To facilitate learning and research on herbal plants within the academic programme
• To be used in the teaching programme conducted by Dept. of Dravyaguna
• Promote research activities in the field of herbal plants.
• Carry out activities to disseminate authentic information about herbal plants.
• Planning & implementation of conservation strategies for the conservation of plant diversity in the area.

Educational Value
Recent Activities
Future Activities

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