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The Graduate Studies Division (GSD) of the Institute was established with the aim of providing facilities for undergraduate education programmes/ postgraduate education programmes and extensive education programmes.

GSD consists of two main divisions; Postgraduate and Extensive Education Division

In addition to above postgraduate courses, the GSD extend it supports by conducting some course units of BAMS Degree programme.

Postgraduate programmes

At present, following postgraduate programmes conducted by the Graduate Studies Division

01. Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Administration of Ayurveda Institutions Leading to Master of Science (management and Administration of Ayurveda Institutions)

Course Coordinator 

Dr.K.G.C.Dissanayake(Senior Lecturer Grade I)
B.A.M.S.(Hons)(CMB), MD(Ayu.)Kayacikitsa(BHU-India)

02. Postgraduate Diploma in Kāyacikitsā

Course Coordinator 

Dr.W.A.L.Chandrasiri Waliwita(Senior Lecturer Grade I)
D.S.A.M.S.(Hons) (GWAV), MD(Ayur)Kayacikitsa(KLN), PhD (KLN)

03. Postgraduate Diploma in Pañcakarma

Course Coordinator 

Dr. W. J. Wickramarachchi (Senior Lecturer Grade I)
D.S.A.C (Hons)(GWAV), MD(Ayu.)Kayacikitsa(KLN), PhD (NIA-India)

04. Postgraduate Diploma in Shalyathantra

Course Coordinator 

Dr. A.A.J.Pushpakumara(Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.A.M.S.(Hons)(CMB),M.S.(Ay.)(BHU-India),PGDHD(Faculty of Medicine(CMB) 

Academic Staff Members of the Graduate Studies Division
<h3><b>Dr. W.A.L.Chandrasiri Waliwita</b></h3><h6>D.S.A.M.S. (GWAV), M.D. (Ayur) Kayacikitsa (KLN), Ph.D. (KLN)</h6>

Dr. W.A.L.Chandrasiri Waliwita

D.S.A.M.S. (GWAV), M.D. (Ayur) Kayacikitsa (KLN), Ph.D. (KLN)

Senior Lecturer Grade I


<h3><b>Dr. A.A.J. Pushpakumara</b></h3><h6>B.A.M.S.(Hons.)(CMB),M.S.(Ay.)(BHU-India),PGDHD-Faculty of Medicine(CMB),<br>Ph.D.(KLN)</h6>

Dr. A.A.J. Pushpakumara

B.A.M.S.(Hons.)(CMB),M.S.(Ay.)(BHU-India),PGDHD-Faculty of Medicine(CMB),

Senior Lecturer Grade I

<h3><b>Dr. K.G.C. Dissanayake</b></h3><h6>B.A.M.S. (Hons.) (CMB), MD (Ayur) Kayacikitsa (BHU- India)</h6>

Dr. K.G.C. Dissanayake

B.A.M.S. (Hons.) (CMB), MD (Ayur) Kayacikitsa (BHU- India)

Senior Lecturer Grade I

<h3><b>Dr. W.J. Wickramarachchi</b></h3><h6>D.S.A.C.(Hons.)(GWAV),MD(Ayur)Kayacikitsa(KLN),Ph.D.(India),<br> Advance English(CMB)</h6>

Dr. W.J. Wickramarachchi

D.S.A.C.(Hons.)(GWAV),MD(Ayur)Kayacikitsa(KLN),Ph.D.(India), Advance English(CMB)

Senior Lecturer Grade I

<h3><b>Dr. P. Vitharana</b></h3><h6>D.S.A.M.S.(GWAV)MD(Ayur)Kayacikitsa(KLN)MA(Buddihst Ayurveda Counseling)(KLN)PgD(Buddihst Ayurveda Counseling)(KLN),P.G.D.C.(KLN)D.D.A.M.S.(CMB)</h6>

Dr. P. Vitharana

D.S.A.M.S.(GWAV)MD(Ayur)Kayacikitsa(KLN)MA(Buddihst Ayurveda Counseling)(KLN)PgD(Buddihst Ayurveda Counseling)(KLN),P.G.D.C.(KLN)D.D.A.M.S.(CMB)

Senior Lecturer Grade II

Non Academic Staff Members of the Graduate Studies Division
<h3><b>Mr H.M.W.J  Perera</b></h3>

Mr H.M.W.J Perera

Computer Application Assistant (Gr. II)

<h3><b>Mr. W.A.N. Gunattissa</b></h3>

Mr. W.A.N. Gunattissa

Works-Aide - Gr. II

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