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Sports activities are organized by the Sports Committee. Every undergraduate is entitled to the facilities provided by the Institute and should make best use of such facilities.

The Institute has a gymnasium in which facilities for indoor games such as Volleyball, Netball, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess and Weight Lifting etc. This gymnasium is open for students to use from 08.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m. on weekdays. Students are also encouraged to go to the Kelaniya University and get involved in sports activities at the main campus.

Organization of sports activities at the main University is done by its Physical Education Unit. Sports conducted by the physical Education Unit include Volleyball, Badminton, Football, Netball, Hockey, Elle, Table Tennis, Cricket, and Carrom etc. BAMS students also can participate the training programmes in these events. Every year a special programme is conducted to introduce sports activities for new entrants. All new entrants are requested to fill in New Entrant's Sports Information form and submit it to the Director, Physical Education Unit.

Stage 01    Fresher's and open competitions Establishment of coaching camps and implementation of coaching camp programmes Competitions between sports teams of other Universities and recognized Sports Club.

Stage 02    Annual assessments and Colors Awards

In addition to above programmes, participation of University Teams for National Competitions conducted by National Sports Clubs, Inter-University sports programme and providing opportunities to represent Universities in National Coaching Camps are also arranged by Unit.

Information and instructions of sports programmes and trainings can be obtained from the Career Guidance Division in the students Centre Building. Facilities for sports in the main campus are being expanded and at present two playgrounds, a gymnasium, fitness Investigation Unit and a complete Exercise Unit are being run under the supervision of the Physical Education Unit.

Sports Commitee

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