Institutional Research Committee (IRC)

Telephone - 033 2222740, 033 2222748


Research Committee is a sub-committee of Academic Board and will provide reports, recommendation and advice to Academic Board and the Director.

Members of the Institutional Research Committee (IRC)
<h3><b>Dr. (Mrs.) K.P.P. Peiris</b></h3><h5>Senior Lecturer Grade I</h5>

Dr. (Mrs.) K.P.P. Peiris

Senior Lecturer Grade I


<h4><b> Dr. T. Hewavithana</b></h4><h5>Senior Lecturer Grade I</h5>

Dr. T. Hewavithana

Senior Lecturer Grade I
<h4><b>Dr.(Ms.) R. Pushpakumari</b></h4><h5>Senior Lecturer Grade II</h5>

Dr.(Ms.) R. Pushpakumari

Senior Lecturer Grade II
<h4><b>Dr. (Mrs.)W.J. Wickramarachchi</b></h4><h5>Senior Lecturer Grade I</h5>

Dr. (Mrs.)W.J. Wickramarachchi

Senior Lecturer Grade I
<h4><b>Dr. P. Vitharana</b></h4><h5>Senior Lecturer Grade II</h5>

Dr. P. Vitharana

Senior Lecturer Grade II
<h4><b>Dr. (Mrs.)K.G.C. Dissanayake </b></h4><h5>Senior Lecturer Grade I</h5>

Dr. (Mrs.)K.G.C. Dissanayake

Senior Lecturer Grade I
  <h4><b>Mr. A.K.H. Dharmapriya</b></h4><h5>Senior Lecturer Grade II</h5>

Mr. A.K.H. Dharmapriya

Senior Lecturer Grade II
<h4><b>Dr. (Mrs.) G.V.P. Samaranayake </b></h4><h5>Lecturer Probationary</h5>

Dr. (Mrs.) G.V.P. Samaranayake

Lecturer Probationary

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