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The Career Guidance Unit (CDU) of the Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute was established with the objective of enhancing the quality of professional and soft skills of the BAMS students, while strengthening the link between the undergraduates and the Ayurveda industrial sector.
The Unit supports the Institute in producing capable and employable Ayurveda graduates who are empowered to contribute positively to the development of Ayurveda sector.
The Unit organizes workshops, seminars, Ayurveda clinics and entrepreneurship programmes from time to time to develop abilities and skills vital for BAMS undergraduates to cope with the needs of current Ayurveda sector and to develop life-long learning ambitions. In addition, BAMS undergraduates who are looking forward to career opportunities in private sector including tourists’ hotels and other Panchakarma therapy centers will be benefited from the Unit by making them aware of these opportunities as well as by providing them with necessary guidance for placement.     
Members of the Career Guidance Unit  (CGU)
Dr.(Ms.)W.J. Wickramarachchi<br>(Senior Lecturer Grade I)
Dr.(Ms.)W.J. Wickramarachchi
(Senior Lecturer Grade I)
Dr. Tissa Hewavithana<br>(Senior Lecturer Grade I)
Dr. Tissa Hewavithana
(Senior Lecturer Grade I)
Dr.(Ms.)K.G.C. Dissanayake <br>(Senior Lecturer Grade I)
Dr.(Ms.)K.G.C. Dissanayake
(Senior Lecturer Grade I)
Dr.S.A.R.R.P.Disanayaka<br>(Senior Lecturer Grade ΙΙ)
(Senior Lecturer Grade ΙΙ)

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