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Welcome to the Department of Kaumarabruthya and Stree Roga

Currently the Department of Kaumārabhṛtya and Strī Roga functions through three subject division:

1. Bāla Roga (Ayurveda Pediatrics)
2. Strī Roga (Gynecology)
3. Prasüti Tantra (Obstetrics)

B.A.M.S. students of level IV and level V follow lecturers and receive practical experience in the same subject area at Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Teaching Hospital and Antenatal clinics at maternity home – Kalagedihena under five course units.

At present academic staff of this department consists of two Senior Lecturers, one Lecturer and two Probationary Lecturers. This department conducts three Strī Roga (Ayurveda Gynecology) clinics and Bāla Roga clinic (Ayurveda Pediatric) at Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Hospital for four days of the week.

Academics in this department are doing research in its related fields and collaborative research with other disciplines as well. Cases of special areas like sub fertility (male and female), endometriosis, uterine fibroids, Bartholin cyst and PCOD are treated at Strī Roga clinic. Shērshāmbu (Hydrocephaly), Mahāshīrsha (Macrocephaly), Cerebral palsy and behavioral disorders, Nutritional disorders, Child hood constipation and Pediatric heart diseases other than the common skin and respiratory problems are concern at Bāla Roga clinic. This helps to get more clinical exposure to Ayurveda undergrads.

Students, who are studying in their final year, engage themselves in research work specially clinical and analytical studies under the supervision of our department. We are supervising students who are in the level IV and level V of BAMS undergraduates and postgraduate students (MSc, PGD) to do research work in our disciplines.

We are also coordinating certificate courses (Ayurveda Beauty Culture Course and Ultrasound Scanning) to improve the BAMS student's knowledge and skills it is also to open up opportunities for related professionals. Now it is functioning of successful 08th batch in Ayurveda Beauty Culture Course and commence 06th of Ultrasound Scanning course.

Dr.W.L.A.Rajini Pushpakumari (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
Dr.W.L.A.Rajini Pushpakumari (Senior Lecturer Grade II)D.S.A.C.(GWAV)MD(Ayur)(KLN),
Mobile: 071 82 07 567

Head of the Department

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Department of Kaumarabruthya and Stree Roga
Gampha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute
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Sri Lanka.

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