Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Beauty Culture

Since the beginning of the human civilization, the man has been coming more and more about this healthy and physiology. This keen awareness and attention accompanied by research and enriched by natural environment, through ages and ages has developed into a broad based system of treatment known as Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is not only a science of healing or treatment but also a philosophy. Which guides the human being to lead a healthy and righteous life? Beauty culture is one aspect of Ayurveda, practiced by generation throughout the long path of history. It is an inseparable, day to day need of the human life. Although in the ancient times it was practiced by the kings, their noblemen the place and temple donors since the recent part it has become the common main daily need.

Beauty is a characteristic of a person that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure. The experience of beauty often involves the interpretation of some entity as being in balance an and harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well being. Therefore beauty culture becomes a therapy which should be administered through great care and skill to presence the natural beauty of a person.

Today there is a great demand for Beauty culture. Increasing this heavy demand there are many courses conducted by various institutions to teach beauty culture. They only teach the subject superficially, paying more attention to the external appearance of the body only. But it is important for oneself to study the structure and the behavioral activities of human body parts like hair, skin nails teeth and eyes, and how these could be nourished in order to preserve the beauty of the body.

The G.W.A.I. comes forward with a proposal to establish and conduct a short term certificate course in Beauty Culture. This will provide an in-depth knowledge and skill in this area.

Course Details

Course Name : Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Beauty Culture


  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge about the Ayurvedic system of Beauty culture.
  • To provide an extensive knowledge about the physiological features of the human organs that help improve the physical appearance of human body.
  • To produce a set of a skilled therapists who could practice proper beauty culture therapy for local as well as foreign population in keeping with the Ayurvedic traditions.

Entry Qualifications

  • Passed A/L examination or experienced in beauty culture field.
  • Priority – BAMS and DSAC Ayurveda doctors.

Programme Structure

  • The course is structured for 03 months. Lectures and practical classes are mainly scheduled to be held during weekdays evening.

Medium of Instructions : Sinhala and English.

Course Structure

Title Status
Introduction to Beauty culture Theory
Anatomy and Physiology relevant to the study of Beauty culture Theory ( With Practical)
Beauty care Theory and Practical
Foods and Beverages for Beauty culture Theory and Practical
Cosmetics Theory and Practical
Methods of Ayurveda Massage for Beauty Theory and Practical


Course Coordinator

Dr. W.L.A. Rajini Pushpakumari(Senior Lecturer Grade II)

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